Metamorphic Series


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Spring 17


Elizabeth Leflar is pleased to present the TIDAL COLLECTION, inspired by the ebb and the flow, the surge of tides and the curve of coastlines. For the first time, the label incorporates timeless pearls and organic shapes lend a sensuous and modern feel.



AW 16


Minimalist through-and-through, each piece draws on classic elegance, but with a modern twist. Curling creoles and staccato studs transition seamlessly from day to night in contrasting textures, as lines curve and course over collarbones and 'round wrists in silver and gold.



SS 16


The weather warms and the light returns as we revisit the simple beauty of the circle and the line. Created with the intention of remembering who we are at our very core, with these pieces, we present to you the Kyklos Collection for Spring / Summer 2016.