Alysida Earrings

Alysida Earrings

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An Elizabeth Leflar favorite and everyday classic earring, these bold chain link studs have a little twist! And did we mention they are a two-in-one? With the earrings off, just slip the bottom ring through the opening in the top for a great single illusion hoop.

Small, split hoop earrings with a removable brass chain link. A simple but sophisticated creole earring that plays with the idea of the circle and loop. These dangle earrings can be dressed up or down for any occasion and are perfect for every single day. An effortless look with maximum impact. 

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Designed in our Berlin studio, these minimalist beauties are handmade from start to finish, each one to order.

Instructions for wear: To wear as a hugging creole, just slip the circle out of the split hoop when not wearing the earrings. To wear in the double link style, slip the circle back through the split hoop - don't worry, these have been designed so that the extra link cannot slip out as long as the earrings are being worn.