Kounía Collier

Kounía Collier

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Inspired by the swinging of a pendulum, the Koúnia Collier mimics the form, but opens the space, removing the weight of tick-tick-ticking time and asking us to consider our "heart"-line, over our "time"-line.

Gently circling the neck, this choker-style necklace is a more playful expression of the circle and line, but retaining all the elegance of the Kyklos Collection. Subtle rounded ends lend comfort and ease of wearing and carry the circle motif down to the smallest details.

One size available in brass, sterling silver, or brass with 18k gold-plating.

- Measurements -
Neck opening: about 3cm
Length of “pendulum": about 4.5cm

Please store your jewelry in a dry location - preferably wrapped in a cloth, to prevent tarnishing. Keep the pieces away from water and lotions and for best care, wipe gently with a soft cloth after wearing.

— all items are made to order and ship within 2 weeks of the date ordered — 

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