Your custom engagement ring is designed together during a scheduled design session. Together we'll bring the vision of your dream ring to life.

  • Hand illustrated sketches of your custom engagement ring are created to help you imagine what it will become when it's cast in gold. This step may happen several times until we have the perfect design of the ring you have dreamt about. This step is one of the most exciting and highly visual experiences.

  • You will be personally guided in the selection of your gemstones, whether it's selecting a high-quality conflict-free diamond with GIA certification or a colored gemstone like a beautiful Montana Sapphire that's been ethically mined and traceable.

  • Our standards are high because we believe in a feel-good-experience for all and a ring that will one day become your family heirloom. We are committed to environmental responsibility, ethical sourcing, and marriage equality. Our custom engagement rings are handcrafted in the Pacific Northwest with 100% reclaimed precious gold, ethically sourced gemstones, and low-impact, environmentally conscious practice.  We have personally met our ethically mined gemstone provider and antique diamond provider. We have established a 10 year relationship with our harmony and lab created diamond provider. Our rings are cast in recycled gold in a facility that has been family owned since the 1970's. How personal does this get?

  • Upon approval of the design sketches and gemstone selection, your custom engagement ring is first hand carved in wax rather than modeled in a computer drafting program. This handcrafted technique is an ancient process called the Lost Wax method. As a result, your ring will have a handcrafted, natural and fluid feel as if it is one. The transitions between elements are thoughtfully detailed from the top, sides, and underside. Most important of all it's always in the hands of our designer.

  • Finally, your custom engagement ring comes to life and is ready for you to fall in love at first sight. We will meet where we first met and reconnect with something truly special we created together. Your dream ring is ready for its special day!