A Portland, Oregon native, residing in Berlin,
Elizabeth Leflar, the designer behind the eponymous label,
seeks inspiration in form and line

-  an aesthetic driven by intuition.

Established in 2010 at a six-inch piece of railroad track on a hardwood bedroom floor, EL is full of minimalist heart. Raised by two Northwest artists, Elizabeth stumbled upon jewelry-making as her own creative and artistic expression, reveling in the meditative nature of Process, as well as the wonderful tangibility to which that Process gives birth. Over the years, Elizabeth's designs have evolved dramatically, ranging from her light, mobile-esque work early on, to more sculpturally-minded, later. Each piece made start to finish by hand, every one is slightly unique.

All pieces are carefully crafted in house by the designer with a strong focus on local and sustainable practice. All stones are ethically sourced and conflict-free.