Jewelry Care


Please treat your Elizabeth Leflar jewelry and wear it with care. 

All pieces are made from vintage or new brass, Sterling silver, and may feature gold-plating. Brass and silver may develop a natural darker color / patina with frequent wear. To prevent this patina on non-plated pieces, wipe your jewelry with a soft jewelry cloth after wearing and store in a dry, dark place, separate from other jewelry. We recommend using a soft cloth bag. You can also remove patina and buff pieces with fine grade (000 Grade) steel wool. Please, do not buff or wipe plated pieces, as this will remove precious plating.

For pieces with pearls, a little extra care is needed. We select these by hand and only use natural pearls. Please remember that these can scratch and are sensitive to extreme changes in heat. Being alkaline, it's important to keep pearl pieces away from acidity, such as perfumes and sunless-tanning products. As with your other jewelry, please wipe pearls after wearing with a soft cloth. Additional cleaning can be done by a reliable jeweler, but is generally not needed more than once per year at most.

Because each piece is carefully constructed by hand, some pieces are delicate. Please care for your jewelry by removing it before showering, exercising, or sleeping and avoid water contact. 

Repairs are accepted, though are subject to a fee, based on the nature of the damage. Please contact us, should you have any further questions.