Elizabeth Leflar






“hark, now hear the sailors cry, 
smell the sea, and feel the sky
let your soul & spirit fly...” 



Pearled Oysters

The tide is rising, the water rushing. Seafoam surging. Kelp tangles in toes and drags gently over sand. A broken sand dollar, a tumbled stone. Laughing gulls pick through refuse, through sticks, chipped shells, searching, searching. 

Elizabeth Leflar is pleased to present the TIDAL COLLECTION, inspired by the ebb and the flow, the surge of tides and the curve of coastlines. For the first time, the label incorporates timeless pearls and organic shapes lend a sensuous and modern feel.







Starting on her childhood bedroom floor in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, the beginnings of Elizabeth Leflar's jewelry line were small - exactly as she believes they should be. With an emphasis on the hand-made, every piece is designed with love, intention, and an undying appreciation for the minimal.

On that floor with the little hunk of railroad given her by her father, the beginnings were small, but they were steeped in love and love is what ultimately drives the label still - love of process and love of design, but love of the world that surrounds. 

When you wear a piece of Elizabeth Leflar jewelry, she hopes you feel the love that inspired these metal meditations and manipulations.


ALL pieces are made by hand in Portland, Oregon and Berlin
with our dear mother earth in mind -
As such, we RECYCLE our metal scraps,
source materials locally whenever possible,
And strive to love our wondrous planet and home
through every step of our creative process.

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